Border Markets

Almost every Mexican community along our border is larger than the U.S market to the north, with a combinded total of more than 13 million residents. Individual markets are often 3 to even 10 times larger than their northern neighbor! Border markets are the fastest growing cities in Mexico with 5% or more annual growth. And Mexican border markets are among the most affluent of all Mexican communities. More than 50% of all employment in Mexican border markets is “White Collar”.

The Mexico Myth

The mind-set for most Americans is completely incorrect: Retail items do not cost less in Mexico, they cost more…and in almost every case, significantly more!

Stores in Mexico simply cannot compete with U.S. stores for selection, price, quality and warranty service.

Consumer Preferences

Listed below are a few of the product categories and rationale for why residents of Mexico choose to come to the United States to shop for a significant portion of their household and family needs.

    Clothing, Jewelry & Cosmetics

Virtually all clothing items, including designer wear, underwear, jeans, jackets, dresses, suits and shoes are less expensive and of higher quality when purchased in the U.S.

Jewelry for both men and women; watches and accessories such as bags, scarves and sunglasses are offered in greater selection, are less expensive - and a better value - when purchased in the United States. 

Almost all cosmetic items, including all major “Brand Names” are less expensive and more readily available in the U.S. 

    Consumer Electronics and Appliances

All consumer electronics are less expensive, as well as more readily available in the U.S. This includes all personal electronics, such as cell phones, music players and smart devices.

Home appliances, such as vacuums, toasters, blenders, coffee makers, hair dryers, etc., are at least 35% less expensive when purchased in the U.S.

Computers, software, hardware and accessories are always less expensive in the U.S. 


Most all canned foods, frozen foods, including ice-cream and other frozen desserts, packed salads, dressings, sliced bread, cereals, instant soups, spaghetti sauce, canned soda and chicken and non-food items are less expensive in the US.

Mexican supermarkets offer products which are transported from southern Mexico. Due to the distance between the point of origin and the border, they are often inferior in quality and cost more.

    Household Items/Home Improvement

All tools,electric parts, carpets & rugs, lamps, framed art, linens, kitchenware, towels, pillows and bedding, all assembly required and pre-assembled furniture, along with vinyl and laminated flooring is less expensive and of better quality in the U.S.

    Auto Parts

Accessories, alarms, tires, wheels, additives, oil, oil filters, and parts in general, are considerably less expensive and of higher quality, in the US.

Warranties and return policies are superior to what is available in Mexico.

    And much, much more...