About Us


We are a Rep Firm of a very different sort!

We have developed trusted and reliable channels to reach across the border and impact those who live, work and consume the bulk of their media in Mexico and Latin America.  Much of our work is bringing residents of Northern Mexico across the border to shop US retail locations.  

We also work throughout Latin America delivering messaging for campaigns as diverse as immigration, health, legal and new product roll-out.

Like a traditional Rep Firm, we offer our service to clients and advertising agencies at no additional cost to the media.

What makes us different?

We are non-exclusive to any media or group. This distinction allows us to work on behalf of the agency and client, delivering the very best, most efficient campaigns, with the most effective and appropriate media partners.  Our model provides the best opportunities for campaign success and efficiency.

We work in all major media, including broadcast, print, outdoor and digital/mobile.  

We manage campaigns from beginning to end, including all front and back-end requirements, such as Translation and Traffic and Creative distribution.

We reconcile and deliver all fulfillment documentation, including affidavits of performance from each media partner. And we offer bundled invoicing.

We have the research data...and we share!

We provide Planning and Buying departments with the latest research and insights into each media and market.

We are voracious aggregators of knowledge of the Mexico and Latin American consumers. We've studied how many people cross our border, where they go, and what and why they purchase what they do.  

Whether at home, or work; we know these consumers...

What they listen to, what they read, what they watch and their social media habits.

We understand the cultural nuance that can spell the difference between the success or failure of a campaign.

Mexico Media Reps is a division of Media Access Partners, Inc.

Media Access Partners launched in 1996, as a consulting and management firm. Soon, we developed our Mexico Media Reps division, realizing that our true passion is – delivering the very best campaigns for our clients, with a Return On Investment that will keep them coming back, again and again.

We work throughout Latin America, with nearly every major and secondary media outlet in each country.

Learn more about us and our service on the pages of this site.

Better yet, give us a call and let us demonstrate how extending your campaigns across the border will bring new and loyal customers every day...and a very significant return on investment.


Management Team

Rodger M. Seelert – Founder and EVP.

Rodger is a veteran of 44 years in the broadcast and advertising industries. His acknowledged leadership in the Hispanic market began in 1988 in San Diego, where he first witnessed the economic power of the International Border and soon became an outspoken advocate for targeting consumers living in Mexico.

Rodger has developed a unique skill-set and knowledge based in both the U.S. and Mexico media industries. Equally comfortable and adept in meetings from New York to Mexico City, Rodger’s blend of passion, knowledge and integrity has driven him to become one of the more respected voices for border issues and the daily commerce flowing between our two countries.

Rodger is a member of several industry organizations, including being a Past-President of the San Diego Advertising Fund for Emergencies (SAFE) and a member of the AdAge Advisory Council. He is a past member of the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), the Hispanic Radio Association (HRA) and several others industry groups and organizations.

Rodger is a sought-after speaker and makes time to address students, groups and associations with interest in International relations and the realities of a fluid and vibrant International Border.

Reach Rodger via email: rodger@mexreps.com

Daniela Waldheim – President and Media Director

A native of Argentina, Daniela has a unique understanding of both the Latino and American cultures. She is able to use her substantial negotiating skills to not only create the best opportunity for both parties in the exchange, but to also educate our media partners to understand and adhere to American industry standards. Daniela and her team provide the tools necessary to run smooth and effective campaigns with every detail covered, from proper scheduling, to the delivery of appropriate documentation and follow-through. No job is finished until the paperwork is complete and Daniela gets it done.

Reach Daniela via email: daniela@mexreps.com