Why do Mexicans come to the U.S. to shop?

  1. Almost everything you can buy for yourself and your household is less expensive and of better quality when purchased in the U.S.
  2. Brands – Brands – Brands!  U.S. stores offer more, and more desirable brands than are available in Mexico.
  3. The shopping experience is superior in the U.S.  Not only are prices and quality better, U.S. retailers offer better warranties and return policies.  U.S. stores are typically larger, brighter, cleaner, and roadways and parking lots safer are easier to traverse.
  4. The Trust Factor.  Mexican’s are more comfortable with pricing and product consistencies in the U.S.  They are comfortable that they are not paying more for an item than someone else.
  5. Safety.  

Advantage Brick & Mortar

Residents of Mexico are far less likely to shop online.  Package delivery systems in Mexico are inefficient and untrusted, therefore Brick & Mortar shopping is much preferred.  This fact nearly eliminates online competition such as Amazon and others, often preferred by American shoppers.

For more on the Culture of Shopping in the U.S., see the "International Journal of Consumer Studies" Report on the Articles page.