Piedras Negras-Eagle Pass, Texas

Piedras Negras is another of the rapidly growing communities on the northern border of Mexico. 

Piedras Negras translates to “Black Stones”, as the community was named after the coal mining efforts in the area, which continue to this day.  

The current population in the region exceeds 245,000.  The sister-city of Eagle Pass, Texas, has a current population of 27,708. 

Many residents of communities south of Piedras Negras, including Torreon and Monclova, utilize the Eagle Pass Port-of-Entry when travelling to San Antonio, or beyond, and thus, a higher than expected number of annual northbound crossings. 

Many feel that Piedras Negras maintains the feel of cities deeper in the interior of Mexico than it does other Mexican border communities. 

The popular Mexican dish “Nachos” were first created in Piedras Negras, where the dish is celebrated to this day.