Mexicali-El Centro/Imperial Valley, California

Mexicali is the capital city of Baja California the seat of the Municipality of Mexicali, the 2nd largest city in Baja California and home to 1,000,000 people. 

It is a center of government, education and agricultural, located 120 miles east of San Diego

Residents of Mexicali are the dominant component for retail sales in the Calexico/El Centro area, with just under 40% of retail sales in the entire Imperial Valley coming from Mexico.

The city maintains a highly educated and skilled populace. Its standard of living is one of the highest in Mexico. 

As the city has modernized and become a cosmopolitan and international center in a desert region, it has maintained a sizable middle class and an even larger upper class. 

In Mexico, Mexicali is recognized for its substantial investment in education as well as its low unemployment levels.

Mexicali's economy was historically based on agricultural products, and to this day Agro remains a large sector of the economy. As time has progressed however, the economy of Mexicali has gradually shifted from an agricultural to an industrial base. Companies such as Mitsubishi, Honeywell, Nestle, Coca Cola and Goodrich Corporation have built plants in the city and its metropolitan area. 

Gaining recognition as the Silicon Border, several large industrial parks are centers of high-tech manufacturing.  Mexicali has quickly become global center for semiconductor manufacturing.