Nuevo Laredo-Laredo, Texas

Nuevo Laredo is the key trucking center for goods moving both in and out of Mexico. More than 70% of all Mexican exports to the U.S. come through here.

Located on the primary trade route between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, it is considered the most important trade border crossing in Latin America, with more than 8,750 trucks crossing every day.

Established along the banks of the Rio Grande River, Nuevo Laredo is the also the largest inland port in Latin America. 

The Port of Entry between the two Laredo’s is among the busiest in the world. 

The Nuevo Laredo metropolitan area has a population of just under 380,000.  Laredo, Texas, with a population of 259,100 is the third largest U.S. city along the border (Following San Diego and El Paso). 

Laredo is also one of two key POE’s utilized by travelers from Monterrey, and other communities further south of the border.

The Laredo Port of Entry is easily accessible from several major Mexican communities, including Monterrey, Torreon and Saltillo.  This leads to larger than expected numbers in both border crossings and economic impact.